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Global Safety and Regulatory Affairs

Working here has definitely made me more conscious of the environment and the effect we can all have on it - even when I'm not at work, knowing that SC Johnson always endeavour to be as 'green' as possible and operate efficiently, is important to me on a personal level. I know that environmental issues are so key to most of our customers and consumers as well, and it feels so fulfilling to be working for a company that is so proactive in this field - and not just as it's now fashionable but because it's a belief they've always held dear.

It's so encouraging to see an organisation thinking about what they can do for other people. Personally, I think initiatives such as the Greenlist - looking at the materials we use and the affect they have on people and the environment around us - are crucial to what we do as a business. I am so proud of what we do here. I'm encouraged to do my best and, more than that, I make it part of my job, as sustainability is something I'm really passionate about.

Sustainability is more than just a corporate business objective, it's something that demonstrates the desire that SC Johnson have to do the right thing for everyone.