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Global Safety and Regulatory Affairs

Our community days really give me a sense of pride. Every spring we pick around 6 local charities to help. Which involves everything from helping clean up local school grounds, to creating a garden or even organising a day out to Kew Gardens for various societies – it’s something different every year. Even when I'm away from SC Johnson, I'm so proud of what we do that I'm always telling people about the activities we've been involved in. Last year, for example, 180 SC Johnson staff volunteered for 8 projects, and this year I'll be painting murals around a nursery playground and helping to organise an outing for the elderly.

I've seen the difference these days can make to our local community and it's such an amazing feeling to know that you're helping others, and that a business like SC Johnson empower you to get involved like this. I've made so many friends and learnt some new skills volunteering. I've been inspired and encouraged by the company and it's so rewarding to have this opportunity. Giving back to our community is something I wanted to do and I'm so grateful that I've been able to do it.

Through these initiatives, I've personally become more aware of the local community around the local area and it shows how much SC Johnson really do care about everyone.

Find out more about the local area our Community Days help.